The Alice Collection


The Alice Collection is a series of hand drawn illustrations inspired by Lewis Carroll's story of 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Alice through the looking glass'. The original drawings have been re-illustrated by Eleanor Stuart who has stayed faithful to the original illustrations by John Tenniel, whilst adding in her own twists and dashes of colour to make for a unique and intricate collection.

Each illustration is silk-screen printed and decorated by hand on to a beautiful coupe fine bone china plate in Stoke-on-Trent.

The designs are available both as large 27cm plates and 20cm plates, making them the perfect pieces both for special occasions and very special tea parties. 


The Alice Collection includes the following designs and characters:


Alice and the Looking Glass (available as a large plate only)

Alice in the Cards 

'I'm late I'm late' (available as a large plate only)

The Dodo (available as a large plate only)

The Card Painters (available as a small plate only)

The Cheshire Cat 'Everything is funny...if you can laugh at it' (available as a large plate only)

The Mad Hatter

The Tweedle Twins

The Queen of Hearts

'You're mad...All the best people are' (Sold as a pair of plates)

The White Rabbit


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